APPUiO Cloud

APPUiO Cloud

APPUiO Cloud is our Kubernetes "Namespace as a Service" offering based on Red Hat OpenShift.

APPUiO Cloud gives you instant access to a shared, fully managed, ready to use Red Hat OpenShift cluster in just a few minutes. Focus on your application rather than on setting up or managing your cluster, and bring your ideas to production in a breeze.

Use Cases

Why using APPUiO Cloud?

Cloud Native App Development

Get instant access to your own namespace on a running OpenShift Cluster. Don’t worry about provisioning infrastructure in a cloud provider, installing OpenShift, or even about waiting until a new cluster is provisioned for you. Just login, create a namespace, and you’re ready to oc deploy your new application. And only pay for it as soon as you actually use it!


Have a new idea in mind for your next multi-billion business online? Spin a new OpenShift namespace on APPUiO Cloud, deploy your MVP, and go back to raising more venture capital.

DevOps & CI/CD Pipelines

Need DevOps but lack resources? Run your CI/CD pipeline, deploy, and preview your application on a running OpenShift cluster right now before going live. Redeploy as many times as you want until you’re ready to go. Only pay for what you use!

Machine Learning

Need a separate cluster to train a machine learning model with new data right now? Get your own namespace, deploy your code, and achieve the singularity faster.

Production App Hosting

Need instant flexibility and scale for your system? Host your application in minutes in production, and as you grow your business, APPUiO grows with you. APPUiO Cloud not big enough for your success? Migrate your app to APPUiO Managed and let your app thrive in a dedicated environment.

Mobile App Backends

Are you an iOS or Android developer needing to deploy your back-end on a scalable, trusted environment? Get your own OpenShift namespace and support your mobile users with a reliable infrastructure, compatible with all of your favorite programming languages.


Do you teach Cloud Native technologies to your students? Let them experience the full power of a real OpenShift cluster with their own individual namespace; setup their student environment in seconds through GitOps, and watch their knowledge go live on the cloud.

Technology Trial

Are you interested in getting your own APPUiO Managed cluster, but you need to hedge the risks of trying out new technology? APPUiO Cloud to the rescue: get a namespace in minutes, and deploy a simple "Hello, World!" application. Use it for production later if you want, with the confidence of knowing that migrating to a bigger APPUiO Managed cluster will be a simple procedure.


Are you a Cloud Service Provider and would like to offer OpenShift / Kubernetes to your customers, but you lack the skills or staff to manage a full cluster? Resell APPUiO Cloud and let us manage the cluster for you.

Services and Features

Instant On

Get your own OpenShift namespace in minutes, ready to use.


Only pay for the resources you actually use; see our price model for more information.

User workload monitoring

OpenShift uses Prometheus for monitoring its health. The same technology stack can also be used to monitor workloads deployed by cluster users. Users can create service monitors, alert rules and alert routes to monitor their applications. They can also use the OpenShift web console or a Grafana dashboard to inspect the metrics of their applications over time.


The underlying Kubernetes allows to access logs of running workloads. On top of that, the OpenShift logging subsystem aggregates logs from throughout the cluster and makes it available through a single user interface. On APPUiO Managed OpenShift, Loki is used as the logging solution.

Node Flavors

Be it general purpose workload, CPU hungry or latency sensitive workload, we offer best matching node flavor for your workload.

User Management

Organize your namespaces in teams and organizations, and assign users to those teams; control who can access which namespaces at a glance.


Backup all your work with the free pre-installed K8up operator, and benefit form the extensive choice of OpenShift operators to protect your data.

Pre-Installed and Configured Operator

APPUiO Cloud provides the following OpenShift operators pre-installed and pre-configured, ready to be used:

  • K8up: Kubernetes Backup Operator.

  • Cert Manager: X.509 certificate management for Kubernetes.

  • Vertical Pod Autoscaler: Monitors the current and past resource consumption and, based on it, provides recommended values for the containers' cpu and memory requests.

Community Support

Need help? Check out our APPUiO Cloud forums and community chat. For those needing more help, we offer Support Plans.

These features apply to all APPUiO Cloud Zones, deviations are documented in the respective zone documentation.

Key Features

Custom domains

Bring your own domain or use an automatic APPUiO Cloud subdomain to host your application, free to use.

Let’s Encrypt

Secure your domain by serving it with an automatically renewed Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Scheduled jobs

Run regularly scheduled jobs with the Kubernetes CronJob resource.


Build your containers directly in the APPUiO Cloud zone with Source-to-Image

Deployment Strategy

All deployment strategies are available.

Bring your own Operator (CRD)

Operators are provided by the platform already. Own Operators can operate on the existing objects in the cluster. Installation of own CRDs isn’t possible.


Check out our APPUiO Cloud forums and community chat for community support. Additional paid support is available with different Support Plans.


An APPUiO Cloud Zone is a single highly-available OpenShift cluster. It runs in one data center of the specified Cloud Provider.

Please have a look at the APPUiO Cloud Portal for a list of available zones.


Update Policy

There are three types of upgrades:

  1. APPUiO Cloud Zones receive automatic revision upgrades (for example, from 4.x.1 to 4.x.2). These updates can happen at any time without prior announcement.

  2. Upgrades of minor OpenShift versions (for example from 4.7 to 4.8) are announced in advance. The announcement will contain a description of all possible breaking changes. Please subscribe at if you are interested in those announcemtns.

  3. We do not know how the migration path from OpenShift 4 to 5 will look like. From the past (OpenShift 3 to 4), we know that this can be a more involved as in place upgrade was not possible. When we reach that point, we will figure this one out and will let you know how the procedure will look like for you.

    Upgrades can contain anything that is part of an OpenShift cluster. Be it the worker nodes, the API or any core component running on top of it (like for example logging and monitoring).

    On request, we can provide you with access to an already upgraded APPUiO Cloud Zone, for you to test your deployment if needed.

Status Information

We communicate the status of the platform on Please subscribe there to get notified of any incidents.

Resource Availability

APPUiO Cloud is provided without any guarantees of resource availability.


Best Effort

Fair-Use Policy

APPUiO Cloud is a shared platform. Unless otherwise stated, this fair-use principle applies to the use of our services. APPUiO Cloud users must use their resources moderately, so as not to degrade the service level available to other users.

Privileged Containers

Privileged containers can’t run on APPUiO Cloud.

Log retention

The OpenShift integrated logging (Elasticsearch / Kibana) retains collected logs for 72h (3 days), after that time-period logs are permanently deleted.

Frequently asked questions

Can I run production services on APPUiO Cloud?

Absolutely. APPUiO Cloud is built and operated for production.

Is my data safe?

Yes. APPUiO Cloud applies the highest standard in data protection and locality.

Can I have many namespaces?

You can have as many namespaces as required, in as many zones as needed.

Can I migrate my applications to APPUiO Managed later?

Yes. Any workload running in APPUiO Cloud is guaranteed by design to run unchanged in an APPUiO Managed cluster.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your APPUiO Cloud subscription at any time, and you won’t be charged during the next billing cycle. Extra charges due in the current billing cycle will be charged before cancellation. Access to your current namespace will automatically blocked at the end of the current billing cycle, and any deployments and applications running in it will be deleted.

How many users can I add to my APPUiO Cloud namespaces?

You can add as many users as needed. Just ask them to register a new free APPUiO Cloud account with their e-mail, add them to your organization. You can select which namespaces they should access later on.

Can I migrate my namespaces to another zone?

Yes, but even if all zones offer the same base features, they don’t offer the same extended features.

My question about APPUiO Cloud isn’t listed here, who could I ask?

Contact us at with any questions you might have.