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Welcome to Codey, the European Code Collaboration Platform.

Codey provides you a secure, fast and reliable code collaboration platform, hosted in Europe, with 100% free software, based on the community driven software Forgejo.

You get your own dedicated Forgejo instance with access to all features, fully managed by VSHN for you. Whether you’re a small team or a large enterprise organization, Codey has you covered.

Features of Codey

Codey offers the following features, in addition to the already built-in features of Forgejo:

Dedicated Instance

Codey provides you with your own, fully managed, dedicated instance of Forgejo. This assures that you’re able to leverage all features of Forgejo. In addition, being on a dedicated instance brings much more safety, rather than relying on the multi-tenancy features of a single instance, where a misbehaving party could cause severe damage.

Fully Managed

We take care of the day-2 operations of your dedicated instance, so that you don’t have to worry about:

  • Proactive monitoring of the instance health, including intervention should something fail

  • Keeping Forgejo up-to-date

  • Regular scheduled backups of all data and making sure the restore actually works

  • Configuration based on best-practices

All the features of Forgejo

By having a dedicated instance, you get access to all the Features of Forgejo, including Git repository and package hosting, issue tracking, code collaboration with pull requests and code reviews, wikis, built-in GitHub Actions compatible CI/CD service and a lot more.

Security and Compliance

VSHN, the company which runs Codey, is ISO 27001 certified and has an ISAE 3402 Report Type 2 available. Furthermore, Codey runs at highly secure and certified cloud service providers. An instance of Codey belongs solely to you where only you have access. Operations personel won’t access your instance without your consent.

Hosted in Europe

Codey instances are hosted on cloud providers based in Europe and Switzerland. You will know exactly where your data lives.

Supplementing Features

Additional services supplementing the core functionality of Forgejo are available:

Codey is based on the VSHN product Forgejo by VSHN.

Features of Forgejo

Forgejo is a self-hosted lightweight software forge. Easy to install and low maintenance, it just does the job.

— Forgejo Website
No compromise code hosting

Host your code with Git. Learn more.

Fully integrated CI/CD

Compatible with GitHub Actions. Learn more.

Package Hosting

Host your container images, NPM packages and many more…​ Learn more.

Project Management

Managed your projects with tasks and Kanban boards. You can even track your time spending. Learn more.

Upcoming: Forge Federation

Once there: Collaborate over many forges. Learn more.

100% Free Software

Forgejo is licensed under the MIT license and lives under the umbrella of the German non-profit organization Codeberg e.V.

Forgejo (pronounced /forˈd͡ʒ is inspired by forĝejo, the Esperanto word for forge.


We offer Codey in multiple sizes, each offering a different amount of users and storage. Custom sizes are available on request.

Size Best Effort Guaranteed Availability


  • Up to 2 users

  • 10 GiB SSD storage

CHF 19.00



  • Up to 10 users

  • 50 GiB SSD storage

CHF 69.00

CHF 149.00


  • Up to 100 users

  • 200 GiB SSD storage

CHF 129.00

CHF 279.00


  • Up to 500 users

  • 500 GiB SSD storage

CHF 249.00

CHF 539.00


on request

on request

Additional costs:

Item per month

per 10 GiB additional storage

CHF 5.00


  • The amount of users is not enforced, the sizes differentiate on the amount of available RAM and vCPU available to the instance

  • SSD storage is shared between Git repositories, LFS, packages and attachments


What is Codey?

Codey is a managed Forgejo instance, provided by VSHN, a Swiss company based in Zurich.

How do I get it?

Just sign-up at the Codey website.

What is Forgejo?

Forgejo is a self-hosted lightweight software forge. Easy to install and low maintenance, it just does the job.

Brought to you by an inclusive community under the umbrella of Codeberg e.V., a democratic non-profit organization, Forgejo can be trusted to be exclusively Free Software. It focuses on security, scaling, federation and privacy. Learn more about how it compares with other forges.

Why Forgejo?

We believe in free software and simplicity, that’s why we’ve chosen Forgejo. See also Comparison with other Forges.