VSHN Products Overview

Developing an application is not only about writing code, it involves a lot more until it reaches the user and generates value. The processes and tools involved can be overwhelming, also with the fast pace technology evolves. Software developers should be able to focus on the core value the application provides and not be distracted by the supporting processes. With the VSHN product suite, all the processes around software development are taken care of so that your developers can focus on writing valuable code for the business.
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VSHN Application Catalog

The VSHN Application Catalog (in short: AppCat) is a Cloud Native marketplace which offers services from Cloud Service Providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Aiven.io, Exoscale or cloudscale.ch, as well as managed services from VSHN.

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APPUiO Managed

APPUiO Managed provides a dedicated and Project Syn enabled Kubernetes cluster, available with Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes Services, on several clouds. VSHN provisions and maintains the Kubernetes cluster throughout its lifetime and makes sure the Project Syn provided tools are running and available to the user of the platform. APPUiO Managed clusters provide a production ready Kubernetes environment to host the users applications.

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APPUiO Cloud

APPUiO Cloud gives you instant access to a shared, fully managed, ready to use Red Hat OpenShift cluster in just a few minutes. Focus on your application rather than on setting up or managing your cluster, and bring your ideas to production in a breeze.

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VSHN Managed Service

Managed services on top of Linux managed servers (virtual machines).

VSHN AppFlow

AppFlow is a category of services designed to review your current position in your application development workflow and deployment journey. We assess, advise, and plan concrete next steps with you. If you enjoy working with us, we proceed to engineer the entire application development flow and deployment processes alongside your developers or application owners. This establishes a foundation for taking over operational responsibility with AppOps, enabling your developers to concentrate on their primary tasks while we handle the most critical aspects of day-2 operations and stand by to support you.

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Offering DevOps as a service might initially sound counterintuitive, as the core idea of DevOps is to bring development and operations closer together. However, we believe that software developers should be able to focus on the continuous development of the product to create ongoing value for the business. We take on aspects of DevOps, starting with deployment review and engineering, and work closely together. We proactively manage key operational tasks in production: we can respond to issues around the clock, prevent problems through maintenance of involved components, and be prepared for incidents involving data loss or corruption by ensuring data backups. Understanding that it’s not our application, we collaborate with developers or software suppliers to write runbooks for incidents or maintenance, defining what VSHN can and should do and when to collaborate or hand over to the software specialists.

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