AppFlow - Application Deployment Review

Our Application Deployment Review is a mixture of collaborative workshops, assessments by our Solution Architects, solution design, and conception. It provides a comprehensive review and actionable plan to optimize your app’s deployment, including architecture advice, cost estimation, and process improvements. By understanding your application and development practices, we offer insights to enhance cloud-native readiness and scalability, laying the groundwork for potential future collaboration on implementation.

Included Services

Understanding Your Application

We assess the current state of your application in close collaboration with your developers to identify specific needs, potential blockers, and opportunities for improvement.

Hosting Platform Architecture

We recommend a hosting platform architecture together that aligns with our best practices based on VSHN’s 10 years of application operations experience.

Cost Estimation

You’ll receive a clear estimate of the running costs for the suggested platform and services.

Process Improvements

We propose a plan to refine your development, testing, and deployment processes for greater efficiency.

Cloud-Native Readiness Advice

Our suggestions aim to prepare your application for cloud-native deployment, focusing on scalability and operability.

After the above, you’ll have a detailed analysis and plan, understanding your application’s requirements and constraints. This positions us to potentially continue working on engineering and implementing the necessary deployment for you.


Initial Workshop

You know what you get and pay it at a fixed price. This is the start of our collaboration, and you’re free to stop after this point and still got a lot out of this initial investment.

Package Application Size Collaboration Complexity Price


  • 1 own code base (access to your developers)

  • 2-3 other components or backend services

  • Up to 4h total + our internal work

  • Usually in sessions up to 2h

  • Usually remote (on-site possible)

CHF 1900.- (one-time, fixed)


  • 2 own code bases (access to your developers)

  • 2-3 other components or backend services

  • Up to 6h total + our internal work

  • Usually in sessions up to 2h

  • Usually remote (on-site possible)

CHF 2800.- (one-time, fixed)


  • Multiple code bases with and without direct access to developers

  • more or complex other components or backend services

  • 4h included

  • As much as needed on demand

  • Usually in sessions up to 2h

  • Remote or on-site

CHF 2000.- (one-time, fixed)
plus rest billed by-the-hour at VSHN default rates

Everything Beyond the Initial Workshop

We propose next steps, for example we create and offer or you simply create tasks for us via tickets. We’ll work on tasks with a defined scope and inform you should we need to invest more time. You pay us by the hour, we also offer hour-packages at reduced rates.

How We Work Together

Our approach is straightforward, we have an initial workshop to set the scene and get to know each other, your application, your requirements, and your constraints. We then propose what to take a close look at and, based on our best practice, propose how we would solve the challenges that you have and that we know from experience.

Initial Workshop

  • 1 or more workshops, usually 2h sessions with your Application Owners and Developers.

  • First look at the state of development, current deployment, and your goals.

  • Direct advice by our Solution Architect during the sessions.

  • A first written assessment by the Solution Architect incl. presentation.

  • Freedom to use the advice and assessment how you please and free to stop the collaboration after this, no buy-in.

  • A great foundation to continue collaborating, as we now know your application’s state of development, your requirements, and constraints.

VSHN Best-Practices Based Conception

  • Our team works on finding the best-practice hosting platform fitting your requirements and constraints. This includes technical, cost, and compliance factors.

  • It’s us working for you, but it’s a collaborative effort, we’ll approach you for everything that needs to be clarified. We make assumptions, you decide which way to go.

App Architecture

  • Leveraging our experiences in years of application operations, cloud-native, and 12-factor app principles, we look at your deployment and code base, frameworks, etc.

  • We discuss all relevant aspects of your application with your developers, software architects, or Product Owners.

We document and directly give advice on what could be changed to make your app more cloud-native, easier, and resilient to operate.

Development and Deployment Workflow

  • Together we look at your current development workflow.

  • We propose, based on our best practice, how we would do it.

We can show example CI/CD Pipeline concepts and draw workflows.


  • We estimate running costs, based on the proposed platform architecture.

  • We estimate recurring effort (whether you do it or we would do it).

You get this documented in a cost analysis from us. For us, this serves as a base to plan implementation and eventual shared Application Operations, should you choose to work with us further.

Enabling Conditions

The small print that we emphasize, because this is our way to ensure successful collaboration.

See AppFlow Enabling Conditions, additionally:

  • In some cases, the application architecture is far from ready to be deployed and operated in the cloud-native way that we strive for. We reserve the right to give you all the advice and concepts as promised but don’t continue with an implementation beyond this point.

  • Depending on your business model or processes, we either look at the bigger picture of multiple applications and deployments at scale or individual application - this distinction is crucial to not ending up in scope creep leading to exploding effort and costs. Let’s do one thing at a time and iterate.


  • No implementation yet - You get an analysis, direct advice in the sessions, presentations, and concepts as described. But we don’t implement it yet. This leaves you in the best possible position to choose whether you want to continue with us, do it yourself, or find another partner.

  • No operations responsibility yet - This is a one-off effort, we’re happy to continue on the journey, but at this point, we’ll not provide on-demand support should you choose to self-implement what we proposed.

  • Fixed price packages are time-limited: We’re convinced timeboxing helps to focus and produce results, and control costs. We’re open to collaborate beyond this at extra charge.