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We engineer the best-matching hosting environment for your application by combining our expertise and best-practices with our products like VSHN AppFlow, APPUiO Managed, APPUiO Cloud and services from our Application Catalog.

Offering Overview

VSHN AppOps consists of several building blocks which can be (conditionally) mixed-and-matched. All parts combined is your one-stop solution to host your application in a Cloud Native way. You only need a business idea and developers, the rest is taken care of by us.

Building Block Kind Description

Application Operations


24/7 application day-2 operations

Application Hosting Platform


Platform to easily run applications which abstracts all the pains from directly using Kubernetes

Cloud Hosting Architecture Engineering


Cloud architecture and hosting environment engineering, exactly matching the applications requirements

Security Operations


Special measurements in operations to make running applications as secure as possible.

Application Operations

We take over the operations part for your application and take care of it 24/7. A key part of our Application Hosting Platform is a framework which simplifies application deployment and operations a lot. It provides tailor-made templates made for your application and reliefs you from the pain of writing countless Kubernetes YAML files, knowing all the knobs to turn in a Kubernetes cluster or cloud environment and gives you self-service ability for your developers.

Onboarding Consulting

For us to be able to do that job properly, an extensive onboarding is required:

  • Application architecture assessment so that it adheres to our requirements for being able to do operations

  • Write operations Runbooks together

  • Define the SLI/SLO properly and engineer them to be automated

  • Clarify escalation policies and point of contacts

Application Hosting Platform

The application hosting platform abstracts the details from running an application on Kubernetes and helps with day-2 operations work. It directly integrates into the continuous delivery processes.

We provide an application hosting platform as a service and use it as a core building block to do application operations and engineer continuous delivery pipelines.

Cloud Hosting Architecture Engineering

Designing a cloud architecture which matches the applications requirements for a perfect Application Operations environment is taken care of by us. By using our knowledge in cloud architectures, we’re able to find the best solution for the application.

Security Operations

In addition to the already secure application operations processes and Application Hosting Platform, we offer a set of advanced processes to even further harden security:

  • Only run signed and verified artifacts on the platform

  • Automatically scan container images running on the cluster regularly

  • eBPF-based Security Observability and Runtime Enforcement

This processes go hand in hand with VSHN AppFlow DevSecOps.