Price Model

Application Operations

This is the price model concerning the Application Operations part of our offering. It also includes Cloud Hosting Architecture Engineering.

Recurring Fees

Base fee per customer: CHF 5'000.00 per month.

This includes:

  • Pro-active cloud hosting architecture engineering

  • ~20 support issues (per month, non-cumulative)

  • Support Plan Basic, can be upgraded to Priority.

Each instance of the application is billed according to the following scheme:

Application Size Best Effort Guaranteed Availability


CHF 100.00 per month

CHF 400.00 per month


CHF 250.00 per month

CHF 1'000.00 per month


CHF 500.00 per month

CHF 2'000.00 per month

appops product.drawio
Figure 1. Example
Application Sizes
  • Small: 1 - 4 Application Components

  • Medium: 5 - 10 Application Components

  • Complex: More than 10 Application Components

Application Component

A component could also be called a "microservice" or a "backend service", depending on the architecture of the application. Services from the VSHN Application Catalog do not count against this.

Application Instance

An defined instance of the application, for example a production and staging instance. An instance of an application can also be excluded from AppOps, which makes most sense for dynamic instances, like pull-/merge request dynamic instances.

Minimum Contract Length

1 Year


If an application behaves bad because of programming error or generates overly many alerts, we will bill our effort by the hour in addition to the monthly service fee. The quality of the application is the customers concern, therefore we cannot guarantee proper application operations when the software quality lacks industry standards and behaves unexpected. 10 alerts per month are seen as acceptable, more than that needs to be assessed.

One-Time Fees

Initial Customer Onboarding

CHF 5'000.00

  • Application onboarding project setup

  • Define expectations together

  • Learn everything about the customers world

Application Onboarding

CHF 10'000.00

  • Assessment of application architecture

  • Writing operations run-books

  • SLI/SLO definition and configuration

  • Clarification of escalation policies and point-of-contacts

  • Inclusion into VSHN AppOps platform