AppOps - Pricing

Pricing Model

Base Fee

To continuously know your deployment, be ready to collaborate and do our proactive part, we charge a base fee. The fee depends on the complexity of the deployment, which is estimated together with you and reviewed every half year as things might change.

Guaranteed Availability

The prices are per production deployment of your or a 3rd party application. Included are automatically managed preview, test, staging deployments which are not critical.

Additional Effort

During our proactive work or when responding to incidents we might discover issues that should be proactively addressed, or we have other improvement suggestions. We might have end-of-life components, etc. for this you, or we create tickets, we estimate the effort, you approve, we work, and we bill by-the-hour according to effective effort we put into it at VSHN default rates (hour packages at lower rates available).


Package Application Size Base Fee
(per month)
Guaranteed Availability
(per month and SLI)


  • 1 own code base as one deployment
    (including preview / test)

  • 2-3 other components or backend services

CHF 650.-

CHF 600.- per SLI


  • 2 own code bases and as one deployment

  • 2-3 other components or backend services

CHF 1200.-

CHF 800.- per SLI


  • Multiple code bases with and without direct access to developers

  • more or complex other components or backend services

Individual offer:
CHF 1200.- fixed
as assessed every 6 months

Individual offer

Included Support Services
  • Support Plan Basic - Best effort collaboration during Switzerland office hours.

  • Occasional, up to 15 minute effort support requests.

Optional: Support and Engineering Services
  • Support Plan Priority - 24/7 Support, guaranteed response times, "Switzerland-Only" and more.

  • Customer ordered engineering and consulting effort


AppOps focuses on the operation of your application, for which compute resources and other VSHN-managed or cloud provider services are typically used. These costs are not included and are billed separately (either by VSHN or the provider), concretely:

Minimum Contract Length

1 Year


If an application behaves bad because of programming error or generates overly many alerts, we will bill our effort by the hour in addition to the monthly service fee. While we support and advice, the quality of the application is the customers concern, therefore we cannot guarantee proper application operations when the software quality lacks industry standards and behaves unexpected.